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Dear Anyone,

I am very confused. I met a man a few months ago (we'll call him Bob) and I liked him so much. We slept together but I was afraid of commitment (I was abused badly by a previous boyfriend) and he had just gotten out of a bad relationship. So neither of us did anything about it. But I liked him a lot. Well, we hung out as friends here and there and he ended up back with his ex. It hurt me a lot but I decided to move on. We remained friends who talked occasionally but did not hook up.

Recently I started dating a man who was a longtime friend but who lives across the country. Well, Bob and his ex finally split for good and he has been calling me a lot more and we have gotten very, very close. We are so attracted to each other but I know I can't do anything because I have someone. The man I am dating is very sweet but I feel unfulfilled because he lives so far away. Bob and I talked about how we feel about each other. I love him and he loves me but he is very messed up due to his previous relationship and needs time to recoup. However, every time I see him, we want to tear each other's clothes off. But, I never do anything because I am in a relationship... Should I break it off with my boyfriend? And is Bob just manipulating me, or should I wait it out and see what happens with him? And in the meantime, should I not be too hastey and keep the boyfriend that I have?

pulled in two directions


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A:  Wait for Bob. You guys have a connection. It just hasn't been the right time yet.
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B:  Stay with your boyfriend and forget Bob. Bob just wants you because you aren't single anymore.
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C:  Break up with your boyfriend and forget Bob, too. Move on! Your boyfriend is far away and Bob is messed up!
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D:  Keep things how they are. Maybe, in time, you will realize you don't love Bob and you don't need to throw away someone nice.

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