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  A:  Go for it! People change        42%
  B:  Proceed with caution        30%
  C:  Take your family's concerns seriously. Don't commi ...        29%
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Dear Anyone,

I have fallen in love with my friend's boyfriend. He does not fancy me because he is crazy about her and she is about him.
She knew ages ago that I liked him and still went out with him!
I've said to them both that I'm happy for them. But I feel really hurt.

hurt and unrespected


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A:  Cut both of them out of your life. They obviously don't care about you anyway.
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B:  Stay friends with just the guy.
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C:  Tell her how you feel. She'd probably apologize if she knew you felt that way.
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D:  Stay friends with them. You'll get over it.

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