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  B:  Proceed with caution        30%
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Dear Anyone,

I was with this guy for about eight months, and can honestly say the first person I have ever felt comfortable with. We loved each other, and it just ended badly due to his family issues and he needed his space for a while. I had to break up with him because it was pushing us further apart. When I was breaking up with him he even said this could happen again in a few months I just need to sort my head out. I still am crazy about him, he seems to just have forgotten in fact we basically ignore each other but we did have quite a few fights after we broke up. I've tried being friends with him but I am finding it impossible. He hasn't been very nice but I haven't told him how I feel, maybe he thinks I'm being hostile? I really don't know, but I am crushed because the one person I truly loved can't even look at me anymore. I need advice asap. Do I tell him or just leave it?

Hopelessly in Love


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