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Dear Anyone,

I'm completely in love with this guy. We have kissed a few times before, and also are quite close physically. He's always the one who starts the flirting, and always the one who starts all the physical stuff. For example we would be sitting in a lesson and he will start kissing my neck or holding my hand, sometimes when we hug he will hold me closer and slip his hand up my top, that kinda thing. So anyway this has been going on since about March time. And I am totally obsessed with him. He is with someone else at the moment and we nearly kissed the other day.

I am best mates with one of his best mates and he told me today that he had pulled the guy I likes girlfriend. I want to tell him but, at the same time I don't want to brake up their friendship, its not the first time she has cheated on him too. HELP!!!!!

Be selfish, and get what i want or caring, and lose the only person i've ever cared about???


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A:  Suggest something to the guy you like, tell him he might need to talk to his girlfriend
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B:  Tell him everything.
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C:  Keep it to yourself, and leave it up to his mate and girlfriend

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