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  A:  He likes you but work, finances and distance are t ...        35%
  B:  He likes you but hasn't made up his mind as to whe ...        23%
  C:  He sorta likes you but likes the attention even mo ...        23%
  D:  He doesn't like you at all and is just stringing y ...        19%
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Dear Anyone,

I have a big problem. It's this girl who I've fallen in love with and she wants to be with me but she has a girlfriend. She wants me to wait for her because she is determined she is going to be with me. I want to wait but I also need someone to be with me when she can't and I don't feel right talking to anyone else because she is what I want. Now I get more and more jealous when I know that she is with her girlfriend and I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I wanted to know if I should wait it out or just leave her alone.

The Other Woman


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A:  Find someone to keep you busy and see if you're still interested in her when she comes on the market again.
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B:  Tell her that she has to dump her girlfriend for you or the deal is off.
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C:  If you really like her, then wait.
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D:  What kind of lame deal is that where she can keep her girlfriend and expect you to wait it out? Forget that.

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