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  A:  He likes you but work, finances and distance are t ...        34%
  B:  He likes you but hasn't made up his mind as to whe ...        23%
  C:  He sorta likes you but likes the attention even mo ...        24%
  D:  He doesn't like you at all and is just stringing y ...        19%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been working with this guy for over a year (we were both hired at the same time). A lot of innocent flirting ensued and then all of a sudden there came that "butterfly" feeling. We were both surprised, acted upon it, had great sex, and want to continue seeing each other. The problem is we're both marriend. We don't want to leave our spouses, but want to continue having an affair. Any advice? I can see it as a very long term thing and I am sure he feels the same way.

hopelessy in lust with my coworker


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A:  Have your fun. Just be discreet about it.
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B:  You can't have your cake and eat it to. Either break it off with your marriage or break it off with your boy toy.
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C:  Quit your job or move to a different department. Tempting yourself is not a good thing.

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