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  A:  He's tired of you yelling at him all the time. Giv ...        31%
  B:  He cheated. Leave him.        25%
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  D:  Try to let him know in a better way how you feel a ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

It was the summer 2007 in the month of April. I was sitting on my couch praying aloud asking God to send me sum nice. Because at the time my boyfriend Jim was in jail and that was discouraging for me because Jim was always in and out of jail like a jail bird.

When Jamaal came to my door I didn't know how to act. We exchanged numbers and started hanging out. Well we would do all kinds of stuff together and he would treat me so good unlike no other man has treated me before. He would buy me things and jump up if i needed anything he was always trying to please me no matter what.

During the times he would please me, I wasn't too expecting, if he would do something I would expect it and make him do it again. He would do it again just for me too. He wanted to make sure I was happy no matter what.

Well there came a time when he told me he had to go back to Florida and he asked me could I go with him...I didn't really respond and he asked me several times after that and I wasn't really sure still only because in my mind I was guilty because I was sleeping with Jamaal and my boyfriend Jim at the time was in jail.

So having said that...

Jamaal finally went off to Florida. We said our goodbye's and he said i'm coming back.

Well in the mean time I called him the first week he left and I got no answer.

My boyfriend Jim got out of jail....and I talked to him and got a room and we ended up seeing each other and having intercourse several times on two occasions. I didn't feel too bad because I didn't know if Jamaal really cared about me or if we really had anything because he never asked me to be his girlfriend specifically.

So he called me on one of the occasions I was out with Jim and I couldn't answer it. So I woke up the next morning laid up with Jim and I looked on my telephone and it said out going call Jamaal. I'm thinking to myself I didn't call Jamaal back, so I asked Jim did he call him back he said no. I think he was lying though do you?

Jamaal finally came back and the night he came back I could see it in his eyes that he was feeling me and I was falling in love with him during this time.

He asked me about my boyfriend and I lied and told him nothing happened....then I asked him why did he stay gone for 8 weeks...he said a lot of other stuff and then he was telling me he'd see me again in 2 days. So I waited for him..

Two days passed and he literally sent me back so many mean text messages telling me we are finished when he never asked me out and he was so mean to me I won't even go into detail about all of the things he has said to me over the years. I just know I loved him and my heart was broken down bad!

Why did he stand me up and not tell me exactly what was wrong? Why didn't he make me his girlfriend. I know he felt the chemistry we both had? Why would he text message me saying what we had was no more than a fling? What is his problem? He also stopped answering my calls...he didn't even communicate with me. He just dropped me? Help please? what do I do?

Madly in love


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A:  Do whatever you feel at the outset
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B:  He care for you
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C:  Just check why he didn't come back
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D:  He is so angry with you

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