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  A:  He's tired of you yelling at him all the time. Giv ...        31%
  B:  He cheated. Leave him.        25%
  C:  If you love him, learn to live with his imperfecti ...        21%
  D:  Try to let him know in a better way how you feel a ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm in love with one of my high school friends, but he is with someone else. In the high school, we always had this thing...a spark, a bond. But we decided not to try to get together until after college. We both knew the likelihood of us working out). But now, we're starting our senior year at different schools and he has a very serious girlfriend. But when we're together, the sparks are undeniable. I really want him to be happy but I'm afraid that if I don't say something, it will be too late. But if I do say something, I risk losing him forever. But if I don't say anything, I could lose him too. I just don't know what to do.

Hopelessly Hopeful


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A:  Tell Him
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B:  Wait and hope they break up
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C:  Not say anything and ignore the feelings.

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