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  A:  Forget her. She's not worth all this trouble.        32%
  B:  Keep trying. Your feelings seems strong.        23%
  C:  Wait it out, and see what happens.        24%
  D:  Give her another two weeks. If she still says "no" ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

JoJo and I have been going on for like 4 months. I know it sounds little! But we've known each other for 3 years and only recently found out that we liked--love each other! I'm Malaysian, she's Australian. I had to return to Malaysia (visa problems) and can't make it into Australia for another year or 2! She said she'll wait for me and I trust her. The problem is it's been almost a month and I can't stop thinking about her. Everything I do, anywhere I go, everyone I see... Nothing matters to me except her. We still contact each other, but my passion, to hold her, kiss her, basically to love her grows stronger every second! It only brings me to tears thinking that we're apart! It's killing me!

Dying Desperado


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A:  Look, get a Malaysian girl and be happy! Don't kill yourself for this one!
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B:  Four months! Are you serious? You just need to get out more!
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C:  If that's the case, keep yourself busy! Go back to her when when your visa works out. All the best, man!
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D:  Don't think about her too much! You'll just drive yourself crazy.

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