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  A:  Have your fun. It's only on the internet.        47%
  B:  An e-affair is still an affair. Don't help him dis ...        27%
  C:  Back off a little, and stay just e-friends.        26%
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Dear Anyone,

I ended a 2 and a half year relationship back in November and was ready to jump back in the saddle. I recently met very beautiful women at work and hit things off from the beginning. We went out on a few dates and even fooled around at a friend's party. Now I find myself constantly thinking about her and wishing she was mine. Unfortunately my emotions got the better of me and I started to rushing things. Now I'm sure I turned her off by rushing things and I also found out through a mutual friend she is dating other people. Can I still win her heart?

So Sprung


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A:  You blew your chance. Give it up and move on.
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B:  Keep trying to court her and see were it goes. There's always a second chance.

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