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  A:  Talk to him. It will help you get over it.        30%
  B:  Try meeting new people. You'll soon forget about him.        25%
  C:  A & B        26%
  D:  Who cares what the looser thinks. Don't give him a ...        18%
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Dear Anyone,

I am a lesbian and I like this girl at work. She's started to hug me everytime I see her and I'll take breaks with her. I know I like her but I think she likes me too. She has mentioned that she has been with women before. I openly stare at her and flirt with her and I feel her flirt a little with me sometimes too. When we part she hugs me and the other day she hugged me longer and tighter. After we hug she usually holds my hand for a second. After the hug the other day she brought up my hand to her mouth and kissed it. I gave her my cell number and we were going to make plans but she never called me. She said she visited her mom but had wanted to call me though. Did she not want to hang? Or was she too scared to call? Does she like me too? Is it obvious or is she just being a cool friend? I'm confused at her gestures but I'm liking her more everyday. I think about her a lot and go to work when I have a day off just to see her and chat.
Also we work together in a grocery store in different departments. So this is not like a quiet office setting. So dont say like DONT DATE PEOPLE FROM WORK....cos this is different.

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A:  This couldn't be more obvious. She likes you.
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B:  Some people are just affectionate. Keep going as you are and things will become clear when you do actually get together sometime.
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C:  She's probably just being an affectionate friend. Maybe it's cultural.

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