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  A:  Talk to him. It will help you get over it.        30%
  B:  Try meeting new people. You'll soon forget about him.        25%
  C:  A & B        26%
  D:  Who cares what the looser thinks. Don't give him a ...        18%
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Dear Anyone,

This is about my ex. We got to know each other and took 3 months to decide that we wanted to go out with each other as we wanted it to be special. We went out for a week and I found out he told one of my closest friends that he likes her. He didn't tell me this and the excuse I got for him acting different was that he was confused and thought the feelings he had for me were fading.

Anyway, they went out for about 3 weeks and I stopped talking to both of them. He tried to talk to me and say sorry several times but I ignored him completely and wouldn't even talk to him at school. Last week they broke up. Since last weekend he has been trying to talk to me madly and I gave him a chance. I received a 10 pages written apology in which he mentioned asking for another chance to prove to me that he really does care for me and loves me. Since the past 4 days he has been acting incredibly nice and is not leaving any other option for me than to go back to him. My friends have mixed advice. Some say I'm better off without him while some say he has actually changed. I really like him and I know it is going to hurt both of us if I don't accept his apology. He is ready to do ANYTHING to get my trust back.



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A:  Give him another chance. Everyone deserves a chance to prove himself. It really seems he means it this time
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B:  Take some time to think this through and keep him hanging
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C:  Don't go down that road again. You are just going to end up hurt

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