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  A:  Talk to him. It will help you get over it.        30%
  B:  Try meeting new people. You'll soon forget about him.        25%
  C:  A & B        26%
  D:  Who cares what the looser thinks. Don't give him a ...        18%
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Dear Anyone,

I recently started dating a good guy friend. So far we get along great and are very much into each other. The problem is he wants to be with someone to marry (soon) while I'm not as excited about the subject, even though I'm open to the idea. I feel pressured to do anything to make the relationship work and walk down the aisle. This early in the relationship I can't make him any promises, and I don't want to be the one to disappoint him. I care about him very much. Should I encourage him to find someone who is as interested and committed to getting married as he is?

Conflicted Between Love and Friendship in LA


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A:  Continue the relationship as is. He's old enough to know every relationship has its risks.
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B:  Encourage him to date someone else who is willing to work toward marriage right away.
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C:  Tell him he's being a fool. Explain to him that he's risking a good thing by pushing too fast. Maybe he'll slow things down.

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