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  A:  Ask her whether you should wait for her or if you' ...        41%
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  C:  Give her some more time and maybe things will go b ...        29%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been divorced twice in the last eight years. I turn 30 this year. I am a firefighter, paramedic, and small business owner. I also am the father of three beautiful little angels. They are my world. I am seeing a woman now that I care for very much. She seems to want to get married as soon as I return from the middle east. My problem is, I feel very strongly that I have not accomplished much with my life. I feel like a faliure as a father. I want something more out of life. I always wanted to meet a woman from another country and fall in love and have a great marriage maybe teach my girls about other countries. Is this just a fairy tale feeling I have? The woman I am with now is great, but not my ideal woman, and it would crush her if I left--maybe to the point that she could take her own life. Should I wait for my ideal woman or be content with a good woman?



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A:  Stop chasing after the ideal woman and commit to a good woman.
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B:  If you've had trouble keeping marriages together in the past, maybe you should take a break from married life for a while.
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C:  Before you think of other women, you need to figure out how to let your girlfriend down easy. You don't want her hurting herself.
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D:  Make something of your life before you get invovled in a relationship again. Chase your dreams.

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