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  A:  Delete the history and all the files he has of her.        26%
  B:  Ask him to delete all the files he has of her.        27%
  C:  Put off moving in together until he gets it together.        21%
  D:  Everyone has a past. You can't expect him to erase ...        26%
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Dear Anyone,

I am so stuck. I feel torn between two. I have been with a female for 6 yrs already and she cares so much. She's a great partner. I have been cheating with a man for about a year already and I fell in love with him. I see a future with him. I tried leaving the girl but she wants to work things out. I don't want to but I stay cause I feel so bad and I wanna make sure she's o.k. But in the meantime, I want my man to feel o.k too. I don't know what to do. Its so hard to break off 6 years but I really think it's for the best for us all. She doesn't see that. I don't want this thing lasting longer cause I might lose my man. He gets so upset and stressed over this. Lord knows I do too though. What am I suppose to do and how?



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A:  Choose her
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B:  Choose him
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C:  Be by yourself

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