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  A:  Just tell him that you're ready for him to kiss you.        30%
  B:  If he won't make a move, do it yourself. It's not ...        24%
  C:  Sometimes waiting is the fun part. He'll make his ...        22%
  D:  Give him a hint like some chocolate kisses or some ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I really like this guy named Shelby and we are kind of seeing one another. But we aren't techinically dating yet. And so we're also seeing other people. I've been having casual sex with a guy named Johnathan, who's a senior. And I'm a freshman in high school. We've been having sex for about a year now. Just the other day, while we we're making love...he looked me in the eyes and told me he loved me. And I really like this guy I'm seeing. But I also think I may love the other guy. Help?

Freakishly Confused about Love


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A:  Forget Shelby. Go after Jonathan. You've been having sex. There's something there.
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B:  Quit messing around with Johnathan and maybe you and Shelby could get serious.
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C:  Loose them both. It's important to just have fun. Don't get serious.
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D:  If Johnathan told you he loves you then lose Shelby, which means you and him aren't even dating. And you think you love Johnathan and he loves you.

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