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  A:  Call her and appologize again.        31%
  B:  Send the letter. Then leave it to her to make the ...        24%
  C:  Wait for her to make the call.        19%
  D:  What's the big deal? Continue as if nothing happened.        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I met this great guy about 4 months ago. Our relationship has been great and we are deeply in love. Well about a month ago he started acting distracted. I still don't doubt that he loves me but it bothers me that he is acting this way. It feels to me like it isn't important to him to spend time with me. But he assures me that he is struggling in school and trying to study a lot.

Lonely in Love


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A:  If he can't make time for you, walk away.
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B:  Be patient with him. Maybe he's got a legitimate reason for his recent distractions.
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C:  Talk to him. Demand the attention you deserve.
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D:  Remind him what he's missing with some solid flirting.

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