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  A:  Forget about her and move on.        31%
  B:  Come clean and tell her honestly how you feel. Tha ...        23%
  C:  Ask her if she's still up for the threesome and th ...        22%
  D:  Try to spend more time with her. Give it some time ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

Two years ago I met a boy online through a friend. We became best friends within a week or two and we never get bored talking to each other. In fact, I can confidently say we've been in love for the majority of our two years and that we're soul mates. The problem is that he's nine years older than me, and lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. I would love to see him face-to-face in the future and perhaps establish a firm relationship with him, but I'm terrified of telling my parents because they would probably flip out. I'm not quite sure what to think or do.

Long-Distance Hopeless Romantic


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A:  Forget him. He's too old for you and you should Keep your options open.
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B:  Talk to your parents, maybe they'll understand.
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C:  See how it goes and play it by ear. Maybe your feelings for each other will change.
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D:  You've been in love for two years, that's pretty reassuring. Plan a trip to go and see him and see if your feelings for each other are real.

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