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Dear Anyone,

I am seriously considering having an affair with a married man who is almost 30 years older than me. We are a non-profit volunteer board of directors and we talk over the phone often, for a long period of time, and he keeps telling me that he loves me, he misses me and we will both be in Europe at the same time. He wants me to attend one of the non-profit events and he suggests that we stay in another hotel then where the event is being held. Besides saying so much on the phone, he has touched the thigh, knee, cheek, shoulder, arm and hair. We had gone to an event and I gave him a ride in my car. He would not get out of my car, kept finding excuses to stay with me and touch! He keeps inviting me for dinner now and I am not sure on what to do.
I am meeting him for dinner but that doesn't mean I will do anything. He wanted to meet at a restaurant in a hotel but I said no, we are meeting at a restaurant (near a hotel). These are only highlights.



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A:  Have an affair
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C:  String him along for $

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