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  A:  The easiest way to go is to just make sure he is s ...        29%
  B:  Tell him that if he's going to act like a big baby ...        28%
  C:  Sit down and agree on a number of times per month ...        24%
  D:  Get him to bribe you for sex. What do you really w ...        19%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been married with my husband for 7 years now and also have a 18 month old baby with him. I cannot stop him from browsing naked women on the internet and also young girls like 18. I am 30 and his age is 28. I also found on his bookmark about penis enlargement,I was just surprised about his interest on this since I have not complained about his size. I am scared that he might be cheating, he always seem sincere and always tells me there is nobody else, but I am confused. How can I talk to him and solve my problem without making him feel that I am accusing him.



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A:  Play around and say he is trying to impress you
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B:  Ask him if he is insecure
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C:  Go ahead and investigate
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D:  Go for a psychic reading

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