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  A:  The easiest way to go is to just make sure he is s ...        29%
  B:  Tell him that if he's going to act like a big baby ...        28%
  C:  Sit down and agree on a number of times per month ...        24%
  D:  Get him to bribe you for sex. What do you really w ...        19%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been in a relationship with a man who carries some baggage. He was honest about the baggage but it effects some core parts of any relationship. It was also not his fault. We were together for five years, we lived together, weathered some long distance for school. Just as things were ready to (at least in my head) move to the next level of marriage and kids. He tells me he can't seem himself getting married (never mentioned that before) but he could commit to kids. However, while I was deciding what I wanted to do -- he ended things stating: "I don't want to be the guy who ends up wasting your time two years down the line." He was cold and said if he let himself feel, he would go back on his decision to leave me. How do I move on? He was my heart and soul.

Broken heart


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A:  Wait for him to realize he made a mistake
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B:  Realize it is never going to feel better and just live a life alone
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C:  Get therapy

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