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  A:  He is too old for you! Find someone your own age.        33%
  B:  It's a bit dodgy, but if you really seem to like e ...        42%
  C:  It's fine! Eleven years difference is nothing!        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I am 29 and am dating a 40 year old man. He has been very nice to me from the time I've known him (over 1 1/2 years). He even wants to get married. My issue is that he has never lived on his own and is not focused in on what he wants in life. I on the other hand have a career and am working on other goals. When I am busy he always warns me that if I don't spend enough time with him he will stray. He wants sex every day, even if I am upset or going though something (e.g., the death of a family member). He says I have to think of him and I know how he is... I have not dated too much, but I do believe there are men that will respect when a woman is not in the mood or works a lot. I tend to be very idealistic so I need an unbiased opinion.



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A:  This is not normal behaviour. There are men out there who will respect the feelings of their partners. Find one of those men.
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B:  Work it out.
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C:  Talk to him about respecting your feelings until he figures it out.

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