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  A:  He is too old for you! Find someone your own age.        33%
  B:  It's a bit dodgy, but if you really seem to like e ...        41%
  C:  It's fine! Eleven years difference is nothing!        26%
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Dear Anyone,

I have recently become very interested in a guy who hangs out at a club I go to. We really enjoy each other's company. We laugh and get along very well, have great conversation, have danced many times, and have shared a few kisses. Here's the big problem: he is married. He says he is not happy and he plans to get a divorce, but is still living with her... I feel such strong chemisty between us... help! Should I just back off or pursue him and see what happens?

Crazy About Him in Pennsylvania


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A:  Back off until he no longer lives with the wife. Have you ever thought that his "bad marriage" story might be just a convenient story?
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B:  Just take it slow and see if anything develops, but look out for the wife.
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C:  If you feel the chemistry, ask him to leave his wife ASAP. You should push the agenda here.
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D:  You're interested in a married guy that prowls clubs by himself? Who cares what his marriage situation is. Don't touch him with a 10-foot pole.

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