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  A:  He is too old for you! Find someone your own age.        33%
  B:  It's a bit dodgy, but if you really seem to like e ...        42%
  C:  It's fine! Eleven years difference is nothing!        25%
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Dear Anyone,

First of all, I have been dating this guy for almost 2 years. We have a 3 month old son together. We fight and argue all of the time. We had a place together but he wouldn't work and everything got shut off. He just ran around with his friends every night. I only saw him at 3 am and before he left again the next day. He spent most of his money on drugs and he hit me many times. So I eventually got lonley. I was living with my son at his mom's. He was never around but this other guy started coming around. He was my boyfriend's friend. He would buy me cigarettes when I didn't have any. He would stay and talk to me a lot. We ended up both agreeing that we liked each other. So one day he offered to take me home so I took him up on that offer. The next day my boyfriend shows up in tears saying that I couldn't be around this other guy. Well the other guy came back after my man left. We have been talking on the phone. I really like this guy. My boyfriend is never around anyway. He calls me retarted and calls me a whore. But this other guy is really nice to me. He goes out of his way for me. The only problem is that he has a girl at home and 2 kids. He says that they argue all of the time and they are about to break up. I just really like this guy. My boyfriend now is so mean to me and he never spends time with me. I want a good role model for my son and I don't want him living with someone who is on drugs. This guy I like doesn't do any drugs. He is 6 years older then me and he works. Another problem is that I'm friends with his girlfriend and I really want to stay friends with her. I never thought that I would like her boyfriend. But she has told me that she doesn't want him anyway.

younge and confussed


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A:  Stop causing more trouble and stay with your boyfriend.
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B:  Break up with your boyfriend and pursue this other guy. He seems like an upgrade.
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C:  Both of these guys are loosers. Try life on your own for a while.
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D:  Break up with your man and wait till the other guy is single before you take that relationship to the next level.

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