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  A:  Talk to him about what happened.        41%
  B:  You don't want to come off as a needy freak. Don't ...        28%
  C:  Relax and let things happen at there own pace. You ...        31%
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Dear Anyone,

I am in a sticky situation.
I dated a girl for 3 years and we eventually broke up due to me getting jealous one time and pushed her away. We have now been split up for 2 years (officially) but again during that time we have been meeting up and things happen.
The thing is we both love each other very much but during our breakup she met someone and got engaged. I know she is not happy and I think she was on the rebound to get with this guy.
I seriously don't know what to do, I have seen other girls but no one comes close to my ex.
I just feel there is something there between us!
Also its not like I can't let go, I can walk away but I don't want to because I feel she is the one.

Still in love


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A:  Walk Away And Leave Her
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B:  If Its Meant To Be, Go For What Makes You Happy
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C:  Wait till she leaves the guy then pursue

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