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  A:  Talk to him about what happened.        41%
  B:  You don't want to come off as a needy freak. Don't ...        28%
  C:  Relax and let things happen at there own pace. You ...        31%
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Dear Anyone,

I am hopelessly in love with my best friend and co-worker "Alex." He currently has a girlfriend who he's been with for over two years and is in love with. However, there is a great amount of evidence that he does in fact have feelings for me as well. Now I do not want to be a homewrecker and break up a relationship, but on the other hand I really want us to be together because I believe he is my soul mate.

In love with my best friend


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A:  Forget about him. He's already taken.
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B:  Confess to him your true feelings and see if he will leave his girlfriend for you.
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C:  Ask him to move to Utah and take you both on as wives.

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