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Dear Anyone,

I asked a guy friend, whom I knew and he liked me. I asked him if he wanted to dance with me at a school dance. He said yes and had an amazing time. Unfortunately he is moving soon and I will probably not see him much. So about a week later, I realized that I had feelings for him and told him I liked him. He was very surprised but said he didn't think things would work out. I was mad at myself for waiting too long, but now I am even madder at the fact that he is avoiding me and things are very awkward between us. I think he still likes me and I really want to hang out with him before he leaves...what do I do?

Confused in Cleveland


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A:  Confront him and tell him how you feel, maybe he will realize that you really care for him and something will happen.
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B:  Long distance relationships don't work, so don't even try to be friends now.
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C:  Understand that he isn't ready for a relationship, especially long distance, and just say goodbye.

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