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Dear Anyone,

I will entitle this "Against my Better Judgement".

I am a single thirty year old, recently laid off from my job. In May, I met a man while on vacation in South America who turned out to be one a love of my life. I say this because he was nice, funny and sexy and treated me better than any man I have ever dated. He also told me he wanted to marry me and have babies, but since then I've realized these were just words.

Ever since I returned home we have kept in contact and he has repeatedly asked me to come there in September. I had no holiday time before, but now I have the time so I almost booked the ticket. Normally I am a responsible person who wouldn't just fly 8000 kilometeres but "against my better judgement" I want to go. Keep in mind this man has admitted to having an older sugar momma, and I'm sure he has slept with a few woman since I left in May. I can't forget about this guy. I wake up and think about being with him; I think about him throughout the day. I am basically obsessed.

What is my problem??


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A:  You're not crazy to want some adventure. Go for it. Even if the relationship doesn't work out, you'll probably have some fun.
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B:  This sounds a little risky going to a foreign country to meet some sketchy guy you met briefly.
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C:  Make the trip but be sure that you have an out in case things don't go well.

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