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Dear Anyone,

I have a problem. I am head over heels in love. She is a woman visiting from Italy, who wishes to stay here in New Orleans. I told her of my love for her, and that the easiest way for her to stay was to marry me. She replied, I love (after talking...more lust) another. He asked me to marry him. I know a relationship with him will not work (he drinks a lot and does not do anything). I do not want to marry you, because I do not want to risk hurting you.
She will go back to Italy tomorrow. I am going to the airport with her, and plan formally proposing and explaining my thoughts.
She is returning here in a month, after she takes care of matters in Italy.
How do I best approach this and explain that, if she were to marry would not hurt me (nearly as much as to lose her all together, or to someone who does not truly love her).

confused and in love


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A:  Formally explain your feelings and propose at the airport.
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B:  Explain you would never do anything to hurt her. And that you will be here, waiting (with open arms) when she returns.

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