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Dear Anyone,

I am interested in a guy. We flirt all the time and he has expressed that he is attracted to me and cares about me. However, nothing has progressed beyond the flirtation. At this point, we seem to be friends that have some attraction for one another, but I am concerned he is just playing with me.

Is there a way to enhance his interest in me? And when can a girl tell that there is already some interest there?

In Need of an Objective Perspective in Los Angeles


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A:  If you want to find out if he is interested, why don't you just ask him out. What's clearer than the straight dope?
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B:  Flirt harder. Maybe your interest in him is not as obvious as you think. Make sure there is no doubt as to your intentions.
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C:  Date some other people and casually tell him about it. He may get the idea to ask you out if he sees you as a "good catch."
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D:  Take it easy. You two seem to be moving along just fine. There is flirting, and he has expressed interest. Just give it time.

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