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  A:  Ask him to be patient with you. Tell him you'll le ...        30%
  B:  Maybe commitment just isn't your thing. Run now be ...        21%
  C:  If you can't handle the long-term thing, then mayb ...        22%
  D:  You may be onto something with your past. Get some ...        27%
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Dear Anyone,

After having been married for 20 years. I have been divorced for 10. How, pray tell, does one get back into the dating scene after having been out for so long? It would seem all the rules have changed.

Still Crazy After All These Years in Oregon


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A:  Just blunder on out there and make a fool of yourself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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B:  Just wait (another 10 years) for some beautiful woman to ask you out. The laws of probability say it has to happen some time, right?
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C:  Check out the singles hotlines and websites. You gotta be in to win.
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D:  Admit to yourself it is all over and resign yourself to a lonely fate.

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