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Dear Anyone,

This is part two of a letter I wrote before. It's pretty long so I'll keep it in a simple format called "the story of seven"

1. I have a girlfriend, and we are both deeply in love.

2. I left the country for work when our relationship was just one month old.

3. Now it's a long distance relationship going 3 months. (We keep daily contact)

4. I promised her that I'll be back in August, so that we could both have a good reason to hold on to this relationship.

5. I just got promoted and can't go back in August.

6. But I can 100% be back by Christmas because that's a holiday.

7. That's too long for her (I think) and I don't want to be selfish.

I love her a lot, but not being there to show how much I really love her just isn't fair. What should I do now? Please help.

Loving but leaving


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A:  You've only "really" been together for a month. Better let it go now because it's going to hurt even more later.
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B:  You "think" it's too long?! And you don't wann be selfish!? Heck dude, you already are! Let her go!
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C:  Give her a chance to decide. If she wants to wait, then bring out the wine! But if no, then... still, bring the the wine!!!
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D:  You know the risk. Try to convince her to wait for you. But if she really can't, then she doesn't love you for real anyway.

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