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Dear Anyone,

I'm attracted to this one girl at my high school. She is a senior and I'm a junior, and she is also my sister's very good, if not, best friend. We talk frequently at school and on the phone once or twice. At times, it seems she is interested in me, because on AIM, we talk about stuff we really wouldn't talk about in a high school campus setting (such as what we think when it comes to having girlfriends/boyfriends, stuff like that). We also talk plenty at school. Despite this, there are hints that show she has absolutely no interest in me, such as the fact that she said "I don't want to go out with anybody right now" and she usually ends conversations on AIM and on the phone with "hold on brb" or "ttyl" but she never gets back on AIM, or she never calls back. Yet she tells me that I'm the one that signs off on her on AIM, and that she calls me more than I call her. So either her statement is a complete lie or it actually could be true. So in conclusion, this girl is very hard to read, and I would hope that you can help me out with this problem. Thanks.

attracted to my sisters best friend


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A:  She might be telling the truth and if she is, she wants to talk to you more. This means she has interest in you.
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B:  You have no chance with her at the moment because she is your sister's good friend and she said herself that she wants no boyfriends right now.

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