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  A:  If at first you don't succeed... Try to win her ba ...        44%
  B:  Move on and always have that memory until another ...        27%
  C:  Go out with someone to try to get back on your fee ...        28%
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Dear Anyone,

I am in an awful situation. I have been with my girlfriend (who I've known since middle school) for about a year, and things were great between us. We recently had a get-together at my house where alcohol was involved, and somehow I blacked out when I went to the restroom. I woke up to me having sex with someone and my girlfriend opening the door. I would never have cheated on her with a conscious mind, and I feel guilty because I got so intoxicated. I've committed myself to quit drinking, but what else could I do to regain her trust?

Wanting My Love Back


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A:  You blew it. If she won't have you back, you'll just have to move on.
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B:  Yeah right, you "blacked out"! Don't use that excuse on your probably-now-ex-girlfriend. All you can do is beg for forgiveness and another chance.
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C:  If it was meant to be, you wouldn't have messed around. Break it off and find your true love.

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