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  A:  He is definitely just being nice, no romance inten ...        30%
  B:  He is not aware that he is sending these signals.        23%
  C:  He may be interested, but only in a sexual way and ...        21%
  D:  He is extremely interested, maybe without realizin ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

There is this guy in my class that is really close to me and I consider him as one of my endearing friends.

Here's the problem: I recently found out from my friend that he likes me. I don't actually know how to react to this. When I didn't know that he likes me, my thoughts of him and me never moved passed friendly. But now that I know, I'm feeling that I may like him too. The thing is he has been dropping hints yet never actually made it clear that he really likes me. What do I do?

desperate for answers- san


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A:  Drop hints that will help him realize that you reciprocate his affection. This will give him the guts to make a move.
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B:  Stop waiting around for him and ask him out yourself.
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C:  The fact that you only started having feelings for him once you knew he liked you suggests that your just flattered. Don't pursue it.

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