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  A:  Her cheating on you is probably a warning flag tha ...        45%
  B:  Just try to stay friends and maybe you'll get her ...        28%
  C:  Do everything you can to win her back.        28%
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Dear Anyone,

It's been 5 months since I broke up with my boyfriend for 3 years. We both made a lot of mistakes in our relationship. All this time we have still been fooling around but I just wish that things could be the same again. He says he misses me but doesn't know if he loves me still. He prefers to go out with his friends, but still calls me and e-mails me. I decided to stay away from him because I can't stand the feeling of going from being his girlfriend to being his lover. I still love him, but rather give him up if his love for me is no longer there.

sad and confused


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A:  Forget the past, Move on!
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B:  Try to get his love back!
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C:  Give it some time maybe he realizes that he still loves me

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