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  A:  Go ahead and pursue him and forget about his "disa ...        33%
  B:  Forget it! His issues will become yours.        22%
  C:  If he's good to you and makes you happy, what's th ...        22%
  D:  Don't make any decisions yet. Wait and see where i ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I kinda have a problem. There is this guy who I met through my aunt because her ex is this guy's cousin. I really like him. We are working on getting together, but there is one problem. My aunt broke up with her ex because he abused her (physically) and she doesn't want anything to do with him. If I go out with his cousin, she's going to bump into him sooner or later. Please help. I really do like this guy and I feel he likes me too, but it's just that family comes first. But in my situation I don't know what to think because with me and guys it has never gone that well, but I feel that with this guy it's going to be different.

Sincerely Confused in Texas


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A:  You said it yourself: family comes first. Dating a guy is not worth bringing back demons for your aunt. There's plenty of fish in the sea.
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B:  What happens in other people's lives is not your problem. Your aunt is a big girl, and can handle whoever you date.
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C:  Date the guy, but only on the condition that the abusive cousin is barred from all your family events.
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D:  Ask your aunt first, and only date the guy if you have your aunt's blessing.

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