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  A:  Go ahead and pursue him and forget about his "disa ...        33%
  B:  Forget it! His issues will become yours.        22%
  C:  If he's good to you and makes you happy, what's th ...        22%
  D:  Don't make any decisions yet. Wait and see where i ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

So I came back from working in another state for eight weeks only to find the
love of my life had feelings for another guy. I had broken the commitment before
the summer began because I didn't want to worry about her or her for me. She had
gotten my hopes up by telling me when I was gone she could never be with anybody else and so I just fell more in love with her. Then when I came back I found out that she did have feelings for someone else.

She says she needs space and time from me, but a different form of space because she said she cannot not have me in her life. It has been a month and half and she is still with him. She dumped me and the very next day was in a relationship with this guy. She says she still loves me and always will, and said two weeks ago she had doubts whether she made the right decision. Then just this past week she said she is happy and there is someone who could love me better. Did I mention this was both of our first serious relationship? The thing is I am more in love with her than ever, and do want to be with her for the rest of my life..and that is no joke. What should I do?

Can't Live Without Her


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A:  Move on. Date and have your fun. She isn't coming back.
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B:  Wait, but date. She will come around.
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C:  Be her friend and show her what she fell in love with and what kind of person you are becoming.
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D:  Leave her alone completely from now on. Eventually she will realize what she gave up.

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