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Dear Anyone,

This guy and I have an 8 month old daughter together to start off with. I just broke up with him the other day for good because I asked him to get up to feed our baby and he got angry and started calling me names (this has happened quite a few times) and I was done with that so I ended it. While getting his things together he made threats to me saying mean things like "I don't even know that she is my daughter" (which is dumb since he's 100% the father as I was with no one else). He threatened to call child welfare people when nothing was done wrong, threatened to take all the money out of her savings account when I'm the one who put it in there and so many other things I could go on about. I really feel that he only loves me because I am the mother of his child and he doesn't really care about me besides that. His sister has told me he is scared I won't let him see his daughter which I have figured out that is the reason he has stayed with me for so long. And also he told me that day that he had been talking to another girl at work and was going to ask her out later that day and they were going to move in together with her kids. I don't know if he was just saying that to make me mad or if it's true but I wouldn't doubt it. I do love him very much and would like to be with him but he does not care about me and he shows it. Should I get back together with him knowing I'm not who he wants to be with or should I somehow move on?



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A:  Move on since he doesn't love you how he should
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B:  Get back with him and hope someday he will love you the same

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