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Dear Anyone,

I met this really cute guy at work, we talked, we flirted with our eyes and we talked. Well, finally we exchanged numbers and everything and when I called he doesn't answer the phone but sometimes he does, but lately he hasn't. When he comes to my job he keeps watching me and he smiles at me and when I asked him about calling me he says he doesn't get any of my calls or voice messages. It really irritates me because I really like him. But he doesn't take the time out to call me or anything. He even brought me home from work twice, and every time I ask him to call me he doesn't do it. I mean we have kissed and we are attractive to each other but it seems like I'm the only one who does the calling. I've asked him if he has a girlfriend but he says no and he says he's interested in me, but its hard to tell when he barely even called me! When we first met my friend introduced me to his friend first, but I didn't like him so I had to tell him I liked his friend better and that was hard to do but I did it. Well, I guess the guy I didn't liked told me that his friend had a girl and about to get engaged to her, when I asked him he told me its not true and he said his boy was lying to me because he wanted me, then out the blue he said I hurted him because, I didn't trust him, and he was ready to give his heart to me. But now he's going to have to see. He says he's feeling me and everything but I'm not too sure I still feel like I'm showing him I like him but hes not showing me he likes me.

Really Confusing!


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