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  A:  Take a risk on him. Better to find out how he feel ...        32%
  B:  Leave it alone, don't want to mess up a good frien ...        23%
  C:  He has a girl. He doesn't need you.        21%
  D:  GO for it, but be careful and don't get hurt.        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I am 65 years old and was recently contacted by my first love from when I was 17. He proclaimed his love for me. He phoned, he emailed continuously, and was going to come to Florida in December. He often spoke of us having a future together. He got my hopes and dreams up and then last night he called and said it was all a fantasy. He was sorry, but it wasn't going to happen. He still wants to be friends. What do I do?

No Fool Like An Old Fool in Florida


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A:  Just be friends. Your golden years shouldn't be filled with grudges and bitterness.
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B:  Tell him to take a hike off the side of a mountain. He was clearly messing with your head, and deserves a dressing down.
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C:  Hop a plane to where he lives and see if you can salvage things. First loves are always special, so don't give up.
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D:  Just ignore his calls and emails, and he'll be gone as fast as he came.

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