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Dear Anyone,

I have been seeing this guy for about a year. He says he doesn't want anything serious but he doesn't want us seeing anyone else either. To me this is a relationship. He knows I'm a single mother with two sons and that my life is on track. I have my own home, support my children and work hard. I'm not one to play games and I know what want. He on the other hand, says he wants to get his life more "together" before he gets into anything serious. The only thing we ever do is get together at his place because he's afraid of getting to know my kids and then me dumping him (so he says). I talk to him on the phone every day for anywhere from 1 to 6 hours depending on what's going on. When we have had fights and I say I'm done, he's the one to come running back. Should I say see ya?

sick of feeling like I'm being used


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A:  Dump him. He's a game player.
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B:  Sounds like for the most part you have a good thing going. He just wants to take it slow. So give it a little more time.

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