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  A:  Tell him you have feelings for him once in a while ...        32%
  B:  Don't say anything. Just remain good friends and w ...        22%
  C:  Flirt with him a little more. See how things go an ...        25%
  D:  Stop spending time with him so you get your mind o ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

Let me first start by saying that I am a lesbian. I have been dating this girl for 9 months and we are currently engaged. We are living together and we are both very happy. We have a wonderful relationship, we are open and don't hide anything and I know she loves me. BUT... I am jealous. If she talks to another girl too much I get jealous and I always worry that she is going to cheat on me, leave me or just stop loving me. She of course is also a lesbian and I even get jealous when she tells certain guys that she loves them (like old friends). I don't want to be jealous. And I do trust her, but I don't trust others that may come on her to her. She keeps saying that she loves me and that she doesn't want anyone else and that I should trust in the fact that even if someone did come on to her then she would say no. I want to stop being jealous! I know with us being in love that we will get through it but I even have doubts about that. A person can only take so much. What should I do?

Loving Jealousy


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A:  Give it time. You'll get over your jealousy problems as you become more secure in the relationship.
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B:  Work on your own self-confidence. You will overcome your fear of loosing her if you feel stronger yourself.
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C:  Seek professional help.
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D:  You're screwed. Jealousy breaks up even the best relationships.

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