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  A:  Tell him you have feelings for him once in a while ...        32%
  B:  Don't say anything. Just remain good friends and w ...        22%
  C:  Flirt with him a little more. See how things go an ...        25%
  D:  Stop spending time with him so you get your mind o ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

I met this girl about a month ago and we started hanging out quite a bit. I started to get to like her and I'm about 80% sure that she likes me too. The problem with her is that there are a few minor personality clashes. Mostly that she is WAY more conservative than me and there aren't a lot of things that we both like. Recently I met this girl's cousin and I can already tell that I have a lot more in common with the cousin than her. Her cousin has a lot of the same personality traits that attracted me to the first girl. What should I do??

Moderately confused


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A:  Stick with the original girl differences can be good.
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B:  Go for the upgrade. Start spending more time with her cousin and less with her.
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C:  Sit down and talk to the original girl about it.

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