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  A:  Tell him you have feelings for him once in a while ...        32%
  B:  Don't say anything. Just remain good friends and w ...        22%
  C:  Flirt with him a little more. See how things go an ...        24%
  D:  Stop spending time with him so you get your mind o ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

My girlfriend and myself have been dating for two years now. I went to Vegas and my friend called me and asked me where I was. I told him I was in Vegas still. He told me to call her because she is with another guy. Well I called her and she was. I asked her what she was doing she said she was confused. When I got back she said she missed the little things I used to do for her like roses at work and notes in her car. She said the little stuff meant more to her than the big stuff I do love her so much. We get along so good but I am scared I am going to lose her. She says she was confused but now she knows she wants to be with me what do i do?

Confused and dont knkow what to do


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A:  Break up
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B:  Work it out
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C:  Hurt other guy

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