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  A:  Tell him you have feelings for him once in a while ...        32%
  B:  Don't say anything. Just remain good friends and w ...        22%
  C:  Flirt with him a little more. See how things go an ...        25%
  D:  Stop spending time with him so you get your mind o ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

A few years ago I met this woman. I was immediatly attracted to her and asked her out. We started dating. Due to my job-related travel, we didn't get to see each other as much as I wanted: maybe 2 or 3 times a month. After 3 months of this I thought I would take some time off and try to get to know her better.
We went on a road trip to a nice spot and stayed at a B&B. While there she went into a rage and for over an hour called me everything in the book. She did everything short of hitting me. I was in complete shock and disbelief. I had never seen that type of behaviour except on TV. Everytime we got together it was the same thing. Several ruined trips later I told her I am leaving her if she doesn't stop that. (I asked her to go get treatment several times during that time.) She did stop the rages but she is still angry all the time and we fuss constantly. I fell in love with this woman and if she could learn to control her anger we would have a wonderful relationship.

At the end of my rope


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A:  Beg and plead for her to get help
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B:  Learn to live with the anger
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C:  Move on and find someone not so angry

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