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Dear Anyone,

I have a guy friend who has suddenly begun to show signs that he is interested in becoming more, but seems to get scared when it crosses his mind. Lately, he started hugging me whenever he leaves, stopping over at my apartment just to check on me, and paying attention to who I hang out with, and commenting on my ex boyfriend, who is completely out of the picture, claiming that he wasn't worthy of me. Also he is the first one to send an instant message, visit unexpectedly, approach me if we are at the local bar, and he is the one who reaches out to hug me first. The reason I am confused by his actions, is that while he is acting like he wants to become more than just friends, he claims that he can't date a friend, because when his ex girlfriend broke up with him, they could not repair their friendship. My friends say that I do not stand a chance, but I'm really not sure, and I am afraid to ask him about it, because it may make things uncomfortable between us.

just friends???


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A:  He is second-guessing a relationship because it could hurt your friendship. GO with this instinct and remain friends only.
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B:  He is the one making all the effort, and is afraid you don't return the feelings.
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C:  He isn't completely sure that he does have feelings for you and is just testing your potential as a girlfriend.
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D:  Either way your friendship has been complicated. You may as well bring it out into the open and talk about the situation.

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