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  A:  The solution is simple: drop the loser.        41%
  B:  Your history suggests that you are making poor cho ...        28%
  C:  If you love this guy, work things out.        32%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been friends with this guy since elementary school. We never dated but when we were 17 we started sleeping with each other, which we did until 6 years ago. Then he moved away. Now he's moving back here and he keeps telling me he wants to sleep with me again, but he has a girlfriend. The other day he asked me if I would have his baby and proceeded to tell me that he's been waiting this whole 6 years to sleep with me again. He also keeps saying he loves me which he's never done before. I've always loved him as a friend and now I'm thinking maybe I love him more. I would like to have a child myself and I know he would make a really good father.



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A:  Tell him no since he has a girlfriend
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B:  Tell him no altogether
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C:  Get with him but not have his baby
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D:  Get with him and have his baby

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