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  A:  You can't be faulted if your arranged marriage doe ...        36%
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  C:  Elope with your true love. Then let your arranged ...        19%
  D:  You've had your passionate encounter. Now it's tim ...        18%
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Dear Anyone,

I am separated. I have fallen in love with a co worker. We hooked up and I have been to his home several times. He says he likes me a lot, wanted a future with me. He told me a lot of personal things. We had sex a lot and we were seeing each other every week. Now... we work full time together, but haven't met each other alone in over a month. He still flirts in at work but...thats it. Does he still want to be with me? Should I walk away? I really care about him. HELP!!!

Confused and hurt in Pa


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A:  You should get along with him after having a good discussion
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B:  You pursue him. Wait for his next move

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