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  A:  If you want to get over him, the only way is to cu ...        33%
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  C:  Don't throw away a friendship just because you wan ...        23%
  D:  Go get your net because there are plenty of other ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm jealous when it comes to my boyfriend so I asked him not to talk to CERTAIN females. I also used to read his e-mails because his ex still loves him (but he cheated on her) and still writes to him (and yes I told him I read them). So he created a new address and started talking to this girl he's known for a while and didn't tell me. In one letter she told him to leave me if I wasn't going to let him talk to his friends and in another one she asked if he was single yet.



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A:  Stop being so nosy. Say nothing and stop reading his letters.
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B:  You've got a reason to be jealous. Say nothing but keep tabs on his letters.
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C:  Talk to him about it.
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D:  Once a cheater, always a cheater. Time to end the relationship before he lives up to his reputation.

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