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  A:  Give up on trying to be her boyfriend and stick to ...        33%
  B:  Do what you can to encourage her to break up with ...        19%
  C:  You can't force things. Just let fate set your path.        28%
  D:  She's already got a boyfriend. If you want a relat ...        19%
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Dear Anyone,

I met this girl at college and became really close friends. We got some distance because we got different majors. I then realized I love her. I then told her, and asked if she will give me the chance. She said no. She said we can only be friends. I got hurt very much. I tried to move on, But then at the same time her behavior changed towards me. She kept asking me how I am, what I like, what she likes. She asked me to sing for her, and when I did, she came forward to me to dance with me. At times she even asked me of what I wanted if we had a relationship, romantic or just fine. She's the one now getting closer to me when I was trying to get away. She talks to me in a different way when we are together, just the two of us, and she stares into my eyes when no one else is looking. I asked her "Whats wrong with you? You wanted me to forget you, and you are not helping me, at least give me a good memory of you". She then replied that she can't balance the relationship and studies. She told me one day we will be together. She's so inconsistent. She asked me if it was her fault why we're like this, a bit hard to turn back the way I was after she broke my heart. What will I do?

She's so confusing....


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A:  She's a player. Forget her, she's not worth it. Don't read into things
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B:  Wait for her. You love her, think of her first, don't be selfish.
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C:  Better think twice, be careful, take things slowly. You may not really know of she's playing or not.
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D:  Take the risk! If you really want to be with her, you should wait for her. Why not? Maybe why she can't balance both is because she'll give her all.

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