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  A:  Give up on trying to be her boyfriend and stick to ...        34%
  B:  Do what you can to encourage her to break up with ...        19%
  C:  You can't force things. Just let fate set your path.        27%
  D:  She's already got a boyfriend. If you want a relat ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been in my relationship for almost a year. While things have been good it has been rocky too. My partner seems to do the same things that we discuss that can bring stress and anxiety into my life. These things consist of staying out very late. He tells me where he is going but never tells me what time he will be home. I feel his place is with me at night after his work has finished. When he chooses to not come home he avoids the issue and that tends make things worse. When he goes out of town there always seems to be some kind of excuse that he could not call. I am tired of excuses and I need to know if anyone thinks this is weird behavior. Or am I being overbering?

Tired of being Tired


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A:  Once you stop nagging him, he'll be more likely to want to respect your feelings.
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B:  His behavior is very suspicious. You may want to reconsider your relationship with him. What is he hiding?
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C:  If he doesn't come home after work, lock him out.

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