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  A:  Give up on trying to be her boyfriend and stick to ...        33%
  B:  Do what you can to encourage her to break up with ...        19%
  C:  You can't force things. Just let fate set your path.        28%
  D:  She's already got a boyfriend. If you want a relat ...        19%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been with my girlfriend, call her "Jane," for 3 years. We've had a rocky relationship to say the least. She's jealous, overbearing, and constantly badmouths my family.

Over time we worked on making things better, and now we have a beautiful daughter. Recently she's reverted full force back into her old state. Then, an ex-girlfriend e-mailed me out of the blue last month. This ex, call her "Mary," and I had a great relationship for about a year. We never really broke up, but moreso, drifted apart. We let life get in the way. Mary has told me how she feels about me, and I know I feel the same for her. We regret drifting apart and want to be together. But we both have long term relationships, and of course my daughter. I need help deciding what to do.

Jane isn't a bad person, overall, she just has issues. And I haven't been the easiest to deal with. Mary is the most amazing person I've ever known; what she ever wanted to do with me, I don't know. But now I have a chance to reconnect with my lost love, or try to fix things with my current girlfriend.

Lost in Love


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A:  It sounds like Mary is your true love. Stop trying to work on a broken relationship and go back to Mary.
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B:  Try to fix things with your current girlfriend. She is the mother of your child after all.
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C:  Test drive Mary on the side before you completely break it off with Jane.

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