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Dear Anyone,

I like this guy really a lot. We work together. I just found out that he maybe married. But I'm confused because he is always around me, he smiles at me. Whenever he is joking sexually, he turns and looks at me like he is trying to tell me something. I've actually caught him a few times just like hovering around my register. Like tonight we went on break together and I noticed he waited a few minutes at the entrance looking directly at me. I felt like he was waiting to see if I was following. Does this mean he is interested in me? And if so should I tell him how I feel?

hopelessly in love


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A:  Duh! He likes you and you should tell him if you like him too.
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B:  Based on the info you provided, you may be reading into his actions too much. He probably just likes you as a friend.
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C:  Before you consider making any moves, maybe you should first find out if he really is married or not.

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