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  A:  Maybe he has good reasons for not being reliable. ...        43%
  B:  Confront him with an ultimatum: he's got to fix hi ...        30%
  C:  Don't put up with that. Dump him.        27%
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Dear Anyone,

The person I am with is always on the internet. This person is always writing these long letters to other people everywhere. The person I love tells me "they are so far away nothing would ever happen". These people send photos, long letters back, endless email, so on and so on. Should I listen to the person I love when they tell me it's just friends or what?

willing to trust.


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A:  Blow it off. It's not a big deal.
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B:  Blow them off. This is the equivalent to cheating on you.
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C:  Talk to the person you love about it. They need to understand that you are not happy about it.

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