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  A:  Maybe he has good reasons for not being reliable. ...        43%
  B:  Confront him with an ultimatum: he's got to fix hi ...        30%
  C:  Don't put up with that. Dump him.        28%
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Dear Anyone,

I met this guy a couple of months ago and I really like him and we flirted a lot. He was perfect except he has some ex's that he has dumped in the past. Once he found out I liked him, he started going out with one of my friends (who also liked him). This guy told me that he would ask me out if he and his girlfriend broke up. So far this guy and his girlfriend are still going out but with more and more fights everyday. I am still in love with him but if they were to break up what should I do?

Boy Craz


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A:  Forget about the guy because its yours friends ex!
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B:  Ask the guy out!
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C:  Wait for the guy to ask you out!
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D:  Forget about the guy because he may dump you!

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