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Dear Anyone,

I have a close friend of 20 years, and he has been married for 10. I'm kind of friends with his wife, too. We went to a concert recently and shared a hotel room. That night, she brought a guy back to the room. I left for a minute, and when I returned, they were in bed. Then I went to the bathroom, and by then they were having full-blown sex. The next morning she claimed she felt bad that she did that in front of me, but not guilty that she cheated on one of my best friends. I did not say anything to my friend, but feel I should. I feel very guilty. I think he will hate me later if he finds out I knew and said nothing. She has since met two men in a chat room and plans to meet both. I hate to betray her, but I am more loyal to him. I tried to convince her to be honest, and she finally agreed, but she can't tell him and wants me to. Should I?

Put Between a Rock and a Hard Place in Massachusetts


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A:  Tell the husband. If your loyalties are to him, you should have already anyway. If it makes the wife look like a coward, it's not your problem.
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B:  Convince the wife to tell her husband herself. It's not your job to air her dirty laundry.
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C:  Maybe you can convince the wife to stop her affairs. If you can do that, you've done enough and should keep quiet.
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D:  Walk away from this situation entirely. This is sooo not your problem, so don't get involved.

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