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Dear Anyone,

I am dating someone who began smoking dope. He previously had problems with it where it ruined his life. Should I not have the right to demand he stop or I walk? I told my boyfriend from the beginning I was not interested in dating drinkers or druggies, and if I knew he would be into this again I would have never considered dating him. He says I am not accepting him for who he is. I say I accept him but not the drugs.

Lovin' a Stoner


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A:  He needs a wake up call...he is an addict. Leave him if he doesn't stop and hope he sees the light.
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B:  If you loved him you would accept him...faults and all....dope or no dope.
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C:  Why go out with a former addict? They slip up. You should have expected it so now quit complaining.

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