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Dear Anyone,

I have been seeing this great man for about a month. Things have gone really fast between us and that is not usually normal for me. Anyway, previous relationships have taught me that this is the point where he loses interest and stops having anything to do with me. I really don't want this to happen with him. It is driving me crazy. When I am with him I am so happy, but when we are apart doubts start to creep in. I fear the time we are apart because I'm afraid he will just disappear. At the same time, I don't want to smother him. It is making me physically ill. I can't eat, sleep or think unless I'm with him. This is just crazy. Help!

Freaking out in Lagrange, Indiana


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A:  Open up. Talk to him about your fears.
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B:  Back off and take a breath.
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C:  Get professional help.

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