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Dear Anyone,

I think I am in a hopeless situation. I've been married for 16 years to a man I never really loved. I've always had low self esteem when it comes to my body, having been fairly fat for years, so when he wanted to marry me I just figured he was a nice guy and I probably couldn't do any better. Needless to say I always felt unloved and our marriage hasn't been very warm. To compensate I had 7 kids. Today I am in love with someone else. Sadly he is also married, and though his wife has some very severe problems - which brought us together as very good friends - he still loves her. He says he loves me as well. In any case he has 6 kids so there is no real option for a mutual future.
I feel trapped and hopeless. I can't stand it when my husband even touches me anymore. He knows how I feel and we are seeing a marriage counselor. Still, I don't love him so what's the point?



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A:  You only live once. Get out and look for someone new.
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B:  Try to change your feelings for your husband, for the kids' sakes.
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C:  Just have the affair and enjoy what is available.
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D:  Even if it means being unhappy, stick around until the kids are old enough to handle you splitting with your loveless marriage.

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