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Dear Anyone,

I had a friend with benefits for 2 years. We were inseperable. When drunk without fail he would express that he loved me and wants to be with me and I am the only one who makes him happy. He went from a great job in the city to a not so good one and is rather unfulfilled. I am a career woman with direction. He recently began dating a girl 10 years younger that he works with and after trying to stay friends we realized that he could not keep his hands to himself and cheated on her with me. They broke up twice in a month because he does not trust her but are now back on for the third attempt. The last conversation we had was about wanting to get back to what we had because he was happy then.

My friend ditched me for a car lot girl


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A:  Don't take his slurred confessions of love seriously. Everyone loves everyone when they're drunk.
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B:  Who knows, maybe he'll call you. When he does, give him another go.
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C:  Other than the groping part, he doesn't really sound like your type. Let him go.
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D:  Tell him to dump his girl and to get back to the good times with you.

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